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The branmark GROUP

With over 230 local clients and counting, The branmark GROUP has become the area leader in partnering with small businesses. Not only do we offer the most affordable website packages, we compliment them with professional marketing support, analytics, and ongoing consultation that help our clients maximize their marketing potential. 

We started this company with the sole intention of exposing the truth about website development, and advertising (both electronic and print).  We have changed the local website development landscape by giving our customer content management abilities for the websites that we build for them.  This has changed EVERYTHING!  We also provide factual information to assist our clients with; 

  • Website and Advertising dos & don'ts
  • How to buy a website (even if it's not from us!)
  • What is negotiable and what is not
  • How to read advertising proposals
  • What your current website company should be doing for you
  • and a whole lot more!

We know that the 3 elements to our continuing success are;

1. Honest Approach:  today's small businesses are sick and tired of sales pitches, fluff, and non-stop calls trying to get their cash.  We give it to you straight, we would love to partner with you and earn your business but we don't beg, it's not becoming.  That's why 97% of The branmark GROUP's new business comes from referrals (this should tell you something).

2. Affordable Pricing:  3 solid months went into market research.  We were/are overwhelmed at what some companies are charging for website development and what some media companies are charging for advertising campaigns.  The branmark GROUP is 30-70% lower than other website development companies in upstate, NY and 100% more reliable, efficient, and effective than sketchy freelance development.  95% of all freelance website developers disappear after 3 months - what happens to your website after that?

3. Results:  The branmark GROUP has saved our clients a combined $1,000,000.00 in annual marketing fees all while increasing traffic and sales!  We have also saved our clients over $120,000.00 in website design and development fees this year alone!


We are The branmark GROUP 

Copyright 2008 by The branmark GROUP
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